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Originally Posted by Sabresfansince1980 View Post
JJ - I'm well aware of the previous drama within the NHLPA, and to take that route you can also say the turmoil had to do with getting bulldozed by the owners in 2005. Chicken..egg...chicken. They're both at fault because it's not just about what's best for the league between these groups, it's about getting even or getting one over on the other side.
What? To dismiss Paul Kelly's ouster or what that ouster meant in terms of a power struggle within the PA as simple "drama". Well that tells me you really don't have a strong grasp of the Kelly fiasco and its impact on the current situation.

I'm actually amazed at the level of ignorance some posters have when it comes to the NHLPA and what it is. Its corruption, dirty dealing and underhanded crap and thats just within its own ranks. Its been a sleazy organization its entire existance minus the Kelly years. Paul Kelly tried to fix the problems and uncover the dirt. He also worked to have a stronger relationship with the NHL to prevent the type of labor strife we are seeing now. What did it get him? Ousted by the very scum he had investigated by a former FBI agent. the majority of players had no idea why it happened and still don't.

The NHLPA hardliners are as cutthroat as any NHL owner out there, probably more so than most.

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