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Wrestling Observer Newsletter 1.8.13

- First, we're going to go with the ratings news for this week. It was a tight race in the ratings war, but for the second straight week, HFWF toppled WWE in ratings after advertising three main events. It was a slight win.

- The 1/7/13 edition of Monday Night Slaughter did a big 3.44 rating, which the biggest rating Monday Night Slaughter has ever done on a Monday. This is up for the 3.12 rating the 12/31/12 edition of Monday Night Slaughter did.

- The 1/7/13 edition of Monday Night Raw did a 3.40 rating. A TLC match between Ryback and CM Punk for the WWE Championship and The Rock returning was advertised for this show. Ryback and/or CM Punk's drawing power isn't where it's supposed to be, but The Rock's segments did fine. The rating is up for last week's 2.64 rating.

- In the six weeks HFWF and WWE went head to head on Monday Nights for ratings, HFWF Monday Night Slaughter averaged a 2.84 rating through those six shows and WWE Monday Night Raw averaged a 3.07 rating.
Now on to TONS of news from HFWF and WWE.

- On the WWE side of things, Vince McMahon is aware that HFWF is pulling out all the stops creatively to pull out ratings wins, which HFWF has now done for two consecutive weeks. Vince McMahon is almost positive the 20th anniversary of Monday Night Raw is going to turn the tide in their favor again. He's also expected to be pulling out the top guns in Shawn Michaels, The Undertaker, Stone Cold Steve Austin and Brock Lesnar. It's a recipe for success and a recipe for disaster to HFWF, who's going to be hosting the go-home show for their upcoming pay-per-view, Aftershock.

- WWE has been on the search for more "bodies" to fill the roster and hopefully become draws.

- SheamusFan and Vince McMahon have the same mindset that smaller guys don't draw. This is the reason Justin Gabriel was brought in. To team up with Tyson Kidd and be used in the tag team division.

- NBC would be willing to offer Brock Lesnar 15 million dollars for one year if Lesnar would be willing to jump ship after WrestleMania 29. Brock Lesnar would likely sign that deal unless Vince McMahon matched it or topped it.

- There was a major story that broke out on Monday that a top star for HFWF was on the verge of walking out of Slaughter and leaving flat out. We can confirm that star was CPrice. CPrice was pulled into a private room with road agents and was told that he would be wrestling tonight. CPrice got angry saying he has a concussion and isn't going to risk his health. Apparently, CPrice was speechless that they expected him to wrestle a 2 out of 3 falls match with a guy that gave him a broken nose and a concussion. CPrice demanded it all be changed or he'd walk straight out of the show, which, when other wrestlers backstage heard this, were shocked because it's so out of character for CPrice. It just proves how much hatred he has towards Kurt Angle and the entire incident that Kurt Angle continues to claim was all CPrice's fault. CPrice was eventually calmed down by SheamusFan and CPrice pulled road agents and SheamusFan into a room and said this is what is going to happen. The Revolution was then pulled into the room and were informed of what was going to happen, and that was the angle that ran to close the show.

- The two men in riot gear are just "placeholders" for now. The men that are going to be revealed as the men in riot gear haven't signed with the company yet, but they're likely too. HFWF has two back up plans.

- CPrice is going to be bulking up and is going to be going from his 240 pound frame to 255 - 260 pounds by mid-February for Hercules. His schedule will be limited. His finisher will likely be changing and CPrice has been using the Cyclone/F5 at house shows recently. There's some wondering HOW CPrice is going to gain the weight that quickly, but it's a topic that no one is going to bring up publicly or even in the locker room.

- The injury of CPrice is being used to make his character more serious and more about "kicking ass" than talking about his skills and being cocky.

- End of Line was said to be legitimately banged up at Slaughter. When he went through the popcorn vendor, the cut he suffered was legit. When he got backstage, there was a shard of glass about four inches in his skull that had to be pulled out.

- Kurt Angle apparently had a dressing room of his own at Slaughter. He's apparently alienated himself from the entire locker room and refuses to talk to anyone.

- Icicles is in store for a big push. There's been talks of pulling Kurt Angle from current storylines after Aftershock and replacing him with Icicles.

- There's expected to be a re-debut in the near future.

- The World's Greatest Tag Team are expected to debut in HFWF very soon. Word is a deal is close to being done. Word is HFWF is looking to bring in Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara to appeal to the Mexican market. There's talk that Cliff Compton could be brought in and he and Colt Cabana would be a tag team as well.

- There's some backstage that want to turn iRep heel. There's others backstage that want to turn Marf heel. On the other hand, there's others that don't want to change anything about them and enjoy the Booker T/Goldust vibe they have.

- There's still worry about whether or not CPrice will be able to work Aftershock, but considering the physical activity he went through at Slaughter last night, it's expected he'll be able to work the match.

- Coado is on his way out of the company.

- NYGRYK is likely to hold the United States Championship for a long time.

- There's a lot of talk that a European Championship could be introduced into the company and be determined at Caged In in a multi-man match.

- Kurt Angle and Legendary AC apparently have heat now, as well. Kurt Angle got word of what Legendary AC said with PWInsider earlier in the morning and confronted him at the arena. Kurt Angle actually tried throwing a punch, but OmniSlash was there and blocked it and actually pushed Kurt Angle against a wall. They had to be separated by road agents. It's safe to say Kurt Angle is causing a lot of headaches backstage.

- When CPrice arrived at the arena and heard what happened with AC and Kurt Angle, CPrice said he's gonna look like **** on TV. Lo' behold, that's what we saw.

- ColePens and CrimsonSkorpion have apparently complained to management about working with Kurt Angle. End of Line, StraightEdge and CPrice apparently don't trust Kurt Angle in the ring either. Kurt Angle could be on his way out of the company before Aftershock at this pace.

- There's talk of putting the HFWF World Championship on End of Line at Caged In.

- Only one match is set in stone for HFWF's biggest pay-per-view, Night to Remember in August at this point, and it's CPrice vs. CrimsonSkorpion. There's no word on HOW they'll get there at this moment, but it's the only match set in stone.

- Fro has been growing on many backstage and there's a good chance he's going to get a main event push down the road.

- As well as a European Championship, there's talk of bringing in a Hardcore Championship into the company, but that's not an important piece of business for HFWF.

- Coado is on his way out of the company and gave his notice. The Last Ride match is likely to be his write off.

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