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Originally Posted by The Kassian Train View Post
After watching that replay how can anyone expect Kassian to jump in? He's not even in frame and by the time he would have got there the refs would have been inbetween Bollig and himself which negate the Wolves on a PP (at least that's what I'm assuming)
It was not a big deal, another poster mentioned he was standing their watching. I suggested he try to peel bolig off because archibald was turtled getting punched, but we also said the feed was garbage and we could not tell what was going on.

According to the announcer in this clip, he was right their, of course he was not in the frame because the frame was zoomed in on bollig and archibald. But according to the announcer he was right their and did try to peel bollig off, but a player on the other team grabbed kassian when he tried to. No issue with that, he did exactly what I would have liked, I just could not tell based on the horrible feed what was going on. By the time we could see anything it was bollig on archibald punching him and kassian was standing over them and the ref's were jumping in.

Really not a big deal at all. Even if he did not do anything, we were just making a general comment. And nobody suggested he try to step in, in some sort of confrontational role.

I also said we could not tell with the crappy feed if archibald got mugged and turtled or what.

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