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01-03-2013, 10:07 PM
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I was listening to Weisbrod on the Fan today and he touched on several of our prospects, their performance's at the WJC and other topics that we have been discussing on here as of late. I will do my best to summarize what he said about each player and how the organization feels about them.

Ramage: He said he's a tough one. He said dman take the longest to develop so he tries to wait to the last possible moment before the organization makes a decision on their fate. Clearly if you read between the lines, the Flames are on the fence about him and it sounded like Weisbrod wants to see how our other dman guys are progressing, and what our contract limit is at before they make a final decision on him. He did say that Ramage has had his best season this year over what has been an up and down college career. He noted his conditioning is the best it has been, but clearly he did not give him a ringing endorsement that he is going to be part of their long term plans.

Granlund: He said he is most unknown prospect we have. He said he has been playing in a professional league against men, so they were most excited to see how he would perform against his peers in this tournament and they could more accurately evaluate his development. He said they were most gratified with his performance over everyone else because they know what they have in Gaudreau, Gillies and Sieloff. He said that Granlund performed extremely well this tournament, he said he is not really a vocal leader, but a guy that needs to go out and lead by example and he did that. He was also happy that he was able to somewhat get out of the shadow of his brother in this tournament.

Wotherspoon: He said Wotherspoon was also somewhat of an unknown because he has never performed on this type of stage before. They were very impressed with how he has handled his role in this tournament. They are very happy with the strides and how much he has developed his game.

Gaudreau: I thought I'd save the best for last. Weisbrod said that obviously Gaudreau is a special player, Feaster said in December he thought this would be a coming out party of sorts for JG and it has been to this point at the WJC. They are very excited about just how well he has done, they feel this will be huge for his development and will give him even more confidence going forward to perform like this when he turns pro. When asked about when he will be turning pro, Weisbrod said that is really up to Johnny. He has a family representative at his college and him and the Flames really have a good dialogue going. Johnny is only focused on this year right now, and he will evaluate where he is at when this season ends. Clearly, they said the decision is up to him and his family, if he wants to stay in College, get an education, or if he has the desire to turn pro, then the Flames will be more than willing to get him signed to a contract. He said Gaudreau has a great attitude and that is a large part of makes him such a special player. Last thing I will say, Weisbrod said Gaudreau is capable of playing pro right now. That is not to say that he would be playing in the NHL, but if he wants to turn pro next year, Weisbrod has no doubts that he would perform and perform well at that level.

That's it, he didn't really mention anything about Sieloff or Gillies.

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