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Originally Posted by Bleach Clean View Post
First, great thread idea Rev!

Second, you and I have a lot of the same taste in music feebster. Bold bands are more of what I listen to. Although I have moved into more the electronic/80's new wave stuff out there like: Twin Shadow, Neon Indian and Kavinsky. Give them a listen. M83 is phenomenal. Passion Pit is good too. If you like them I'm sure you've checked out Naked and Famous, MGMT and Phantogram?

And Morrissey is one of the best lyricists I have ever had the pleasure of listening too.

Props for listing Arcade Fire first. Best band on the planet as far as I'm concerned.
Always open to some new wave. I loved Era Extraña by Neon Indian. I tried to get some people into them, but was unsuccessful. I liked what Kavinsky did for Drive (and well that whole soundtrack was pretty good). I should give him a try. Would Crystal Castles/Cut Copy count as new wave? I like them as well.

I have Naked and Famous, their debut was given a lot of time on my rotation. Didn't list them as I tried to stick to bands with more than one album. MGMT, i liked them when they first came out, sort of lost touch with them after they got played so much... everywhere. I saw Phantogram when they opened for Metric at the Malkin Bowl, was not necessarily impressed. But i guess i haven't given their studio stuff a try yet.

Arcade Fire is great and very much deserve the awards and praise they get. Although Suburbs won a grammy, Funeral will forever be their best in my mind. It's simply flawless and timeless.

Originally Posted by dave babych returns View Post
As an aside, what the hell is "indie" - has anyone ever been asked to define it? does a means of distributing music really qualify as a genre? You might as well say 'I like MP3s'.. I guess it is really just the "alternative" of the aughts.
Its a pointless exercise to try to define what indie is. It's lost all meaning, but when you meet strangers and you tell them what kind of music you listen to, it's just simplest to say Indie because most people will understand what you are referring to even though its an awful label. That's why i use it.

I went a different route one time by saying "I like Alternative music". They then asked if i liked Tool or Linkin Park. Never again.

Originally Posted by pseudonymous01 View Post
Been listening to The XX - Missing quite a bit this week! So good
Love XX, but i really dislike Missing. Personally, i thought it was the weakest song on Co-exist, Angels to Sunset was perfection... then you get to missing and its just not up to par. When i saw them in October, they played that song and it was dead quiet in comparison to every other song. However, the friend i went to the concert with, Missing was one of her favorites because she just broke up with her BF and the song meant something to her. But that's the great thing about music, everyone listens to it differently.

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