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Originally Posted by seventieslord View Post
regular season = regular season resume only
playoffs = regular season resume, tweaked up or down slightly based on playoffs
I try to do the same thing. Though I try to look at WHY a playoff failure failed in the playoffs. If a Marcel Dionne got worn down by tight checking, I would look to see that the team has guys to take attention off him. If a Joe Thornton is too predictable for the playoffs, I look to see if he has either a less predictable player on his line, or a goal scorer who is so clutch that he'll score even if everyone knows the puck is going to him (I LOVED Bossy as a linemate for Big Joe). Keith Tkachuk? Too easily distracted when the other team focused on pissing him off. My solution? Make him the third best member of his line, so the other team would be stupid to focus on him; and I won a draft with that strategy.

And the other way around - someone like Sergei Fedorov or Yvon Cournoyer who repeatedly impressed in the playoffs over a large sample size probably was legitimately playing better in the playoffs regularly, rather than just getting lucky. But I wouldn't completely discount their regular season either.

For most players (guys without unusually poor or great playoff records or with a limited sample of playoff games), I do exactly what you do - regular season first, with small adjustments based on playoffs.

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