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Originally Posted by schminksbro View Post
So it is better because a crappy owner who doesn't have the commitment to winning can still win?
Haha, you are still looking to argue the cap no cap thing huh? While I am not the biggest Jacobs fan and would agree that his self imposed spending cap during the 80's and 90's lead to a lot of frustrating times for Bruins fans I think it would be unfair to call him a bad owner. He is a smart owner and he runs a good business and sometimes the smart business decisions are not always the best hockey decisions. Jacobs wanted a cap and he got it and since then he has spent right to it.

The Bruins have proved that under a cap with good scouting, player development, and management you can build a championship team. Under the new system Jacobs is committed to running a good business and Neely/Chiarelli are committed to running a good hockey team. The owner owns and the hockey personal runs the team; exactly how it should be.

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