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Originally Posted by Gigantor The Goalie View Post
So I'm not exactly looking to start a collection yet. Small steps due to lack of money at the moment thanks to College. I'm just looking for an Avs blank jersey to wear at pick up hockey and the like. I'm a goalie so the jersey is going to need to be pretty big but I want it to look halfway decent too.

I was looking here and what do you guys think?
I feel the College vs. money issue, my friend. I graduated 12 years ago and I'll be paying for the rest of my life. My wife and I could drive 2 new cars for the price of our loan payments....

Not sure what style of jersey you're looking for, but if you aren't committed to an Edge design you can find a replica jersey in the old style on Ebay in an XXL for cheaper than HockeyMonkey's price. And some Edge jerseys that beat that price, too.

Here's a few links to stuff on Ebay @ much better prices:
Craig Anderson customized XXL (hey, he's a goalie)

Blank blueberry 3rd XXL

Here's a few pretty cool practice jerseys, new and old style. May look good at the rink & nice prices:

Brand new CCM replica burgundy XXL:

And an old Starter replica for cheap:

Personally, I kinda like the black Reebok practice jersey. Good luck.

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