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01-03-2013, 10:32 PM
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lol LeBrun is mad:

Then again, as one NHL team executive mused to me Thursday night, perhaps Fehr knew all along but was waiting until the right time to pull that one out of the hat to get his players all riled up and galvanized? That perhaps, after having some players second-guess him Wednesday night for not filing the disclaimer of interest (several players told me they would have liked him to do so), that perhaps Fehr needed to change the focus? Not sure I can buy that kind of conspiracy stuff but the fact some reasonable-thinking people think that’s even possible also shows you what this lockout has done to people in our industry: We’re all going crazy.
Is it really that crazy?

Are we really going to see a season cancelled over those remaining issues? Or if a season is cancelled, is it more because of the dysfunctional dynamic that exists between both sides in negotiation?

Did I mention this was the most embarrassing and irrational sports labor negotiation in history?

Logic dictates a deal will get done, given what little separates both sides. But logic has been benched for long periods of this sordid game.
If it does get canceled, let them destroy each other and let the NHL dissapear for as long as it takes to get the poison out of the game.

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