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01-03-2013, 10:36 PM
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Originally Posted by marchbrown View Post
It's funny to read a question about this from a Kings' fan. Last spring, I envied the team play with which the Kings won their Cup. It made me nostalgic for the real "team" that the Caps were when I started following them in the mid-'90s.

Maybe it's because I'm from the American midwest and share the Canadian admiration of humility in athletes, but I've become increasingly annoyed by Ovechkin's constant attention-seeking behavior and seeming unwillingness to work to improve and/or change his play for the good of the team. I wouldn't mind at all if he were traded.

Of course, Ovechkin won't be going anywhere. The Caps and the NHL have invested a lot of money and effort in marketing him, and the Caps can continue to profit (for one, two, or . . . a few years?) even as the myth is no longer supported by reality. How many casual fans still believe, on the basis of carefully selected game highlights posted on, that last year's Ovechkin played like a "superstar"? Quite a few, I'd imagine.

I have no idea how many Caps fans might abandon the team if Ovechkin disappeared. I guess that depends on how many "Ovechkin fans" have been converted into Caps fans.
It's funny how when I asked Russians about Oleg Znaroks, they said he is like Dale Hunter. Yet when it came down to when their captain, a 4th liner, had to be out of the line up for a while, who did he choose to be temporary captain? Ovechkin.

Though I expect to hear something about them losing 2 games since Backstrom has been out, do it please.

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