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Originally Posted by schminksbro View Post
The topic of the thread is how the new CBA will affect big market teams.
What you fail to acknowledge is that the Bruins won the Cup playing against inferior teams. The Wings have been the model franchise of the league for years. They drafted well and supplemented with free agents usually aging veterans. They managed well before the cap and had success because they had an owner willing to invest in his product which became wildly popular. Now? Just another mediocre franchise playing against other mediocre franchises in a giant crap shoot.
It is also worth noting that Detroit isn't a big market. The city has a population of less than a million. The team was successful because the owner was committed to winning and he did so. The last lockout did enormous damage to the local enthusiasm in spite of the Wings winning the Cup in 2008. This time around they won't have any bullets in their gun. No free agent splash. No run for the Cup. The team will only get worse as a direct result of the new CBA. They will be crippled and likely will never recover from the damage on or off the ice.
If the Wings are so good at drafting players and developing those players (which I agree that they are) why can't they be the best of what you would call the "mediocre teams"?

If you want to blame the Wings issues on the cap then so be it. I personally think age has been the franchises biggest issue since the lockout but that's just my opinion. My suggestion to you is to stop living in the past, put your late 90's Red Wings highlight film in storage and start embracing the new NHL. And remember nothing lasts forever. I have seen some dominating runs in professional sports in my life time, from the Celtics of the mid 80's to the current version of the Patriots and the one constant is they always end one way or another.

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