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01-03-2013, 10:39 PM
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Has it ever come up even once where exactly these replacement players would be coming from?

Junior players? So the entire NHL season would be like watching the World Juniors or the same experience I had when I went to a 67's game at SBP this season?

AHL players? Even than.....not feeling it.

Really just not a good idea, good in theory but wouldn't look good if things actually went that route
When you ask someone, they always say "AHL and juniors."

This, however, ignores that the vast majority of AHL players, including every single one who is remotely worth a damn, are NHLPA members and are, thus, locked out of NHL hockey.

And it also ignores that any junior player who has a legit chance of making the NHL is an aspiring PA member and isn't about to cross a picket line and have to live with the treatment by his coworkers that comes with being a scab for the entirety of his career.

The only players likely to sign on as replacements are

a) PA and non-PA guys in inferior leagues who know they'll never get an honest shot at an NHL paycheck because they aren't good enough and have no compunction about their name being mud
b) PA guys who are broke
c) PA guys who know their time as NHLers has passed
d) non-PA guys who had their jobs stolen by NHL players abroad because they were the worst player on a team in a 2nd to 5th rate league

And "D" is the only group I'd categorize as "likely."

In any event, the depth you'd need to reach to find 750 such guys, would result in an on-ice product that's not at all credible.

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