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Originally Posted by BrickAHL View Post
The lettering on for the Avs jerseys doesn't look right.
Yeh, that's the risk you run if you're gonna go with an outside company to do your customization. Outside companies use what they call Authentic Pro Fonts or NHL & NHLPA Licensed Customization. Close (some closer than others), but not exact to on-ice. If you did their preview jersey button, I don't think I'd expect the jersey to look exactly like their image, either. Seems like it's just a quick preview that gives a quick general idea of what it'll look like. I see the autographed jerseys they're selling, too and you're right, the lettering on those jerseys is brutal. Maybe email them and ask for a pic of an avs jersey they've done. Can't hurt to ask.

Prices are higher, but I've heard good things about IceJerseys and I know HockeyMonkey does (or did at one point) on-ice jerseys for the Minnesota Wild so they know what they're doing. I guess you get what you pay for. For me (broken record here) I'd save up a few more bucks, buy a new blank from Ebay - premier or authentic, doesn't matter - and send it off to Denver Athletic. Complete peace of mind and no worries at all about fonts, lettering, etc. A little more $ but you know you won't be disappointed. $130 for something you hate, are embarrassed of, and won't wear is like taking your buck thirty and burning it. Lots worse than $200 for something you love, know without a shadow of a doubt that it's right, and are proud to wear.

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