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Originally Posted by Getzo5 View Post
Related question.

I`ve always wore hats, but never of this kind. I guess you guys have more experience with fitted 59FIFTY NewEra hats. What size would you take, 7 1/8 or 7 1/4? I measured my head and according to this chart:

I`m in between those (57+ cm). The problem is that my head is not round and therefore when I keep the shield flat, it`ll leave small gaps in the corners (on the front side; which is probably common, I`m just not used to that lol). I tried both in my friend`s shop, one felt a bit tight, the other one a bit loose. But I guess those gaps are unavoidable, so I should focus on finding the right size.

Is it just a matter of preference? What do you guys prefer? Thanks in advance.
I'm probably not the best person to answer, but I'll give a response because its better than nothing I guess? I rarely buy fitted hats, but have bought a few. I do have similar issues with the sizing as I'm in between two sizes. The difference being that I don't do the flat brim thing. I think it looks dumb so I always curved it as normal. Probably comes from the fact I was always wearing hats while playing baseball and then casually, so its what I was used to very early on. The brims just are kind of weird when you do bend them, at least on fitted hats these days. If that isn't something you want to do, then I would encourage going for a different kind of hat. I was always big on the flex fit hats. Solid hat all the way around (not open in the back). Has a little stretch in the back so it can fit well if you're in between sizes. And the brim bends normally and holds well. Always was my personal preference. There are other ones that are similar that aren't as stretchy and are more sized out but aren't quite the New Era fitted hats.

If the fitted is what you want, then I guess it comes down to picking which one you feel is the best, most comfortable fit. The sizing issues though is why I always chose an alternative type of hat.

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