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Originally Posted by mapes View Post
Honestly, I'm not going to the gym for a bit until I get used to working out a bit. I have crossbar weights (think that's what they're called) with 100 pounds of weights. Obviously that's high to start out with, but how much is good for a beginner and how long before I add more? Push-ups are obviously good to do but what other things should I do?
Push ups, Sit ups, squats,pull ups are basic excercises you can do that will give you a base of strength/muscular endurance. Honestly though if you are serious about getting in shape and putting on some muscle research how to do the important compound lifts like Bench Press,Squat,Deadlift,Press. Start light and don't get caught up in trying to impress anybody. If you have any question on technique or form ask a trainer in your gym or an experienced gym goer. If you are a true beginner you will see rapid gains.

I'm not dietican but as far as diet goes you need to take in more calories if you want to get bigger and stronger. General rule of thumb: Surplus of carbs first half of the day/before your workout then surplus of protein second half of day/after your work out. Cut out gorging yourself on snacks. You'll need a protein. I go to Wal-Mart and get mine for 15$. Also I hate to get anybody hooked on pre-workouts like me but you might want to look into them as well. I love them personally.

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