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Originally Posted by Slim Charles View Post
I agree with number eight myself. Don't wear sleeveless shirts unless you can bench 225 and don't wear a muscle shirt/tank top the the gym until you can bench 315.

Edit: Before I get accused of a subtle brag, I can't do either of those things and always wear shirts with sleeves to the gym.
Everybody has their opinions but I think it's utterly idiotic that anybody is even analyzing what anybody else is wearing at the gym unless somebody is wearing something just completely out there. You are at the gym. I'm there to work my ass off and sweat. I don't think about what I'm wearing or what anybody else is wearing. The only time I ever even pay attention to anybodys cloths in the gym is when women wear those tight yoga pants (On the right women, MY GOD) or when D-bags wear hats sideways or backwards at the gym. I have no problem with hat wearers but wear the thing right you don't look cool at all.

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