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Originally Posted by MoreOrr View Post
What's the point of having a new CBA if the old one must still apply?

And what's the point of having a new CBA if the new numbers don't become real for 5 to 6 years?
What's the point of "fixing" a system that isn't broke? What's the point of keeping teams like Phoenix and Columbus in the league? Why not expand revenue sharing?


Why must the players give something back when the owners have other option to fix their problems?

Better revenue sharing + getting rid of the teams that would still REALLY lose money after revenue sharing is implimented (Phoenix and Columbus, most likely) first, then, if MANY teams still struggle, fix the system. I understand why the players are reluctant to accept what the owners propose, they are doing all the giving back. The owners make "concessions" while negociating, but they are just dropping some demands they had earlier in the process. They never GAVE anything to the PA, it is just take, take, take. What do the players get for giving back 7% of their share? Nothing. The revenues keep growing, but the owners still need the players to make concessions? Who's greedy, tell me...

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