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01-03-2013, 11:33 PM
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Originally Posted by MoreOrr View Post
Certainly wasn't broke for the players, that's for sure.

And could you be a bit more specific about what "better revenue sharing" could look like... Like you know, % $ values...??
I'd like to see a revenue sharing system similar to the one the MLB has - the big guys give a lot to the small guys. I'd also like to see a "softer" cap. Let's say you have a 60M$ cap, teams could go as high as 70M$ if they want, but you have to pay 2$ for every dollar you spend in a luxury tax that would directly go to the poorer teams.

The big-money-making teams should help out the struggling teams. It is not up to the players to save teams in "underdevelopped" markets. If you want to grow the game down south, and I think it has to be done for the league to really prosper, have their partners help them out thus giving them the time to build the market.

But no, I'm not expert, so I don't have any "numbers". But these are my "concepts", if you will.

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