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I know this is a pipe dream that is likely multiple collective bargaining agreements (CBAs) down the line if it ever happens, but I'd like to see a formula whereby every team keeps 50% of their own hockey-related revenue (HRR) + 1/30 of the remaining aggregate HRR, such that if the aggregate HRR of the previous season were $3.6 billion, every team would be guaranteed a theoretical minimum revenue stream of $60 million (though in practice, every single team will gross more). In addition to protecting the marginal markets that the NHL is leveraging in an attempt to grow the league and the game of hockey, such a system, married to a salary cap and a salary floor, would still give individual teams an incentive to maximize their profits, ice competitive teams, and bring in solid management cores (both from a hockey and from a business perspective). It would make NHL teams in emerging markets like the Sunbelt and the Lower Mid-West safer investments, thus bringing in a more stable and higher calibre of ownership (which in turn would give fans a better reason to grow attached to their region's new team, making it easier to grow the game, and thereby baking a bigger pie for everyone to share), it would eliminate the perversity of struggling teams getting screwed because some markets are doing "too" well, it would stop punishing owners, players, and fans alike for differences in market size and strength that are immaterial to how well a team is actually run (nobody can seriously say that the Leafs are currently run better than the Hurricanes or the Predators), and it would improve labour-management relations dramatically by not holding players accountable for business decisions over which they have little-to-no control, and by making the NHLPA willing to accept CBAs that do not mortgage the future of the league and of the game (because, let's not kid ourselves, hockey as a whole would be dealt a tremendous blow without North America and the world's premier professional league) for the sake of squeezing as much money for the players as possible.

Just as much of the labour movement has become too parochial to work for the common benefit of all workers (Why does the Canadian Labour Congress not have an affiliate for unorganized workers and the unemployed? Do they want non-unionized workers to keep electing Tory governments or something?), so too have the various interests within the NHL become too parochial to allow the league to become a force worthy of a game as grand as ice hockey.

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