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01-03-2013, 11:50 PM
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Originally Posted by Agalloch1986 View Post
Nail Yakupov has to be the worst first round draft pick that I've seen since Alexandre Daigle. I think Edmonton got ripped off to be honest. He has been absolutely useless every time I have seen him play on TV. I had the pleasure of seeing Yakupov play once during the SSS and he is exactly as shown on TV boring, listless, lazy, and most of all selfish. He has no concept of what a team is and it seems to be always him against the other 9 players on the ice. You would note the only goal he scored against Germany was when actually utilized his linemate Khokhlachyov (I think even he was surprised!) who shot the puck on net and Yakupov got the rebound and scored. Varnakov should've benched Yakupov or at least moved Zharkov up to play with Khokhlachyov and Sigarev who Yakupov seemed to find more of a nuisance instead of seeing them as gifted hockey players. Yakupov should strip himself of the captaincy since he doesn't deserve it.

Thankfully, Grigorenko and Kucherov kept Russia from being embarrased too badly. Yarullin also stepped up admirably in Naumenkov's absence. Russia was hurting badly from the loss of Naumenkov he was the best player for both Russia and WHL in the SSS game I saw. Nichushkin shows promise, but needs to find his own style instead of trying to fashion himself as a bigger Yakupov.
You lost all credibility with that first sentence. Have you watched his KHL or OHL games? No? That's what I thought.

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