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01-03-2013, 11:53 PM
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Originally Posted by Butch 19 View Post
um,... jobs that pay them $2.3m...?

Okay. The players are greedy.
Well, that's pure jealousy... The players should give back because they make a lot of money? THEY are the product. Without them, the owners WOULDN'T make money AT ALL! They deserve their fair share. I agree with 50/50 and I think that the player should be renumerated what the owners can pay them without losing money, but I also believe that there are other avenues to fixing the league's problem than to always cut into the players' share.

We are not talking about a factory that can replace pretty much all of their non-educated workers without even losing a dime. Hockey players have a rare skill and they are paid accordingly. Expecting them to give back 7% of their share because they make 2,3M$ on average is ludicrous. They shouldn't give in simply because they will still make millions. If they have to agree to some cuts, and I think they do, it is because the business is suffering, not because they are SOOOOO rich that it shouldn't matter to them...

They are the best 1% of the best 1% in their field, people who are the best 1% of the best 1% IN ANY FIELD are filthy rich. I can understand why people are mad at them because they are millionaire, but outside of pure envy, there is no rational reasons to. It is all emotional.

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