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01-04-2013, 12:58 AM
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As reported, the 1/7/13 edition of Monday Night Slaughter did a 3.44 rating. Here's the breakdown:

The first half of CrimsonSkorpion vs. End of Line (including the commentators running through the card for tonight and the "He's Coming" vignette) opened to a 3.22 quarter.

The remainder of the match, including one more commercial, gained 242,000 viewers to close the match out with a 3.51 quarter.

The Legendary AC interview and the Coado/Kidd match lost 593,000 viewers to a 2.89 quarter. This was when The Rock made his return on WWE television. When Icicles got involved in the segment on HFWF, it gained 57,000 viewers and ended the quarter at a 2.96 quarter.

Bryan Danielson's interview, Rhino and SheamusFan backstage, Marf's backstage segment and Fro's promo lost 562,000 viewers. Vince McMahon returned to WWE television to announce the 20th anniversary of Raw at this slot, which paid off. The quarter ended at a 2.39

Fro vs. Big Fat Cat, including a run ins from Rhino during the match and Marf after the match gained 98,000 viewers to a 2.52 quarter.

The second "He's Coming" vignette, which is now "They're Coming" and the first half of the Steel Cage match between ColePens and StraightEdge gained 134,000 viewers. The commercial happened at 9:55 PM/ET, so it worked out that the remainder of the match is at the crossover 10 PM slot. The quarter got a 2.76

The remainder of the ColePens vs. StraightEdge Steel Cage match, the two men in riot gear being in the crowd and NYGRYK's interview gained 748,000 viewers to a 3.51 quarter. This is the best 10:00 PM gain in HFWF history.

Jussi and Topshelf backstage and NYGRYK vs. iRep, which included appearances from Bryan Danielson and Marf, plus the in-ring shennanigans with iRep and Marf, surprisingly, gained 109,000 viewers to a 3.59 quarter.

SheamusFan, Bryan Danielson and NYGRYK backstage, Kurt Angle's interview, The Revolution backstage and the Aftershock card gained another 197,000 viewers to a 3.76 quarter.

The chaotic ending that went into the overrun with The Revolution, Kurt Angle, ColePens, CrimsonSkorpion, Tyson Kidd, Justin Gabriel and Jussi gained 1,428,000 viewers to a 4.81 quarter. This is the biggest overrun gain in the history of HFWF and the highest overrun/quarter ever recorded for the HFWF.


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