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01-03-2013, 11:59 PM
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Originally Posted by Estimated_Prophet View Post
He should go back to junior because it would be stupid to burn a full year of his ELC for half a season of play as an 18 year old instead of a full season as a 21-22 year old.
Interesting, because I find it stupid to hold a player back from the level of competition he belongs to due to something as trivial as "burning a year off his ELC". What's the difference really? You'll just be delaying his adjustment to the NHL at that point. Half a season + playoffs(if) is more than enough for him to adjust to the league and possibly excel. Year 2 he progresses and probably excels, year 3 he is ready to breakout and plausibly dominate. I'd rather him be a beast already at 21, than to be a year behind just so we can save a million or 2 on the cap for a year..

As early as next season, with a couple smart moves, the Habs could possibly make a run. Would you rather "experienced Galchenyuk" that could contribute to that run, or "adjusting Gally" who would do just fine I'm sure, but obviously wouldn't be as comfortable as the hardened version?

And how much is a million or two on the salary cap worth relative to the rate at which Galchenyuk develops in the NHL?

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