Thread: Equipment: Hockey stick FEELS broken?
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01-04-2013, 12:21 AM
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Originally Posted by nullterm View Post
Probably some of the material inside has torn, but the outside is still keeping it together. It will probably fail sometime soon if it has been compromised. But as long as you aren't emotionally tied to the stick, I'd say keep playing until it breaks if it's helping your wrist shot heh.

As AIREAYE said, maybe try a lower flex, but maybe just to a 80/77 (cut to 90/87?). Or stick with the 85->95. Going all the way to a 70 or lower you'll find it too soft on receiving passes. Keep in mind, different brands and even models of sticks will feel different even if they say they have the same flex #. Atleast in store, I've found Bauers to be a bit stiffer even at the same flex #.

I have a 70 flex stick I use in the summer on my beginner team where the passes tend to be softer and I'm usually the one making the pass on D. But stick with my 85 flex in winter with my more experienced team as the passes come in alot harder.
Yep, my thoughts exactly. I'll use it this weekend probably, and see if it can still handle a game, and I'll get a new composite backup beforehand either way to replace it when I need to!

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