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Originally Posted by CanadianPirate View Post
Larry Brooks ‏@NYP_Brooksie
Other day NHL would allow 7 yr contract to start at 10 and end at 4 per. Now would end at 6. Don't quite get what game theyre trying to play

Yepp, sounds like the NHL has changed what they are offering. As soon as the disclaimer deadline passed they decided to revert to less favourable terms.
Oh boy...This just goes to show 1) how big of a PA-shill Brooks is and 2) how clueless he's about the CBA talks.

What league proposed was 30% variance but 60% minimum (according to Friedman). So a contract with 10M first year could change 3M y-o-y but has minimum of 6M (no year can be less than 6M)

The effect of that? It makes escrow smaller. You know the same escrow that guys like Brooks but also the players have been whining about for years.

League proposed 20% variance with no minimum few days ago, that would mean heavier front-loading but it would mean also bigger escrows.

As long as PA accepts the 6/7 system, NHL probably has little issues with variance. The longer the contract limit, the bigger issue variance becomes.

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