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01-04-2013, 01:16 AM
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Originally Posted by Sidney the Kidney View Post
I don't want to take up an Isles' prospect thread discussing two non-Islander prospects, but just briefly, I think the difference I saw in the tournament between Rielly and Murphy is this. Rielly struggled, but when he was on, you saw the type of potential he has at the next level. You saw the kind of player he could become. With Murphy, all I saw was a guy with a bomb of a shot and a great skater, but who seemed to lack hockey sense and was positionally lost in the defensive zone, literally as though he wasn't sure most of the time where to stand.
I was expecting more from Rielly, especially given the fact that Canada really lacked offense from the dmen. I was shocked at how poorly they were offensively, their first pass on the breakout was horrid and on the PP the lacked movement and getting through to the net.

I liked Murphy in his draft year but he seems to have not developed at all, probably regressed. There's a perfect example of a hot-shot prospect who really needs to adjust his game in order to play in the NHL. I made the same point about Rielly, though I haven't seen him as much and in the limited viewings, he looks more impressive than Murphy (in that he doesn't take as many risks and seems to have an instinct on when to pick his spot and rush the puck) - solid player.

Separately, I'm not sure when the Pens amassed so many solid dmen prospects - Maata (not great this WJC but impressive in London), Harrington, Despres, Pouliott, Morrow - nice collection. Damn. Harrington was the best CDN dman overall. (not saying much, this year though)

Originally Posted by LetsGoIslanders View Post
Reinhart looked very pedestrian in the games I've watched, to be honest. I think this might've been a really bad pick, and one that should've been avoided. He's big and that's about it.

He doesn't use his size in a physical manner. He doesn't have offensive skill. I don't know what else to say.
He did look pedestrian but very few dmen stood out for Canada in this tournament, especially those who were supposed to carry the offense. Reinhart was not noticeable unless you were watching him and for this tournament, that was his job. I thought he was pretty good last year, offensively, and showed real promise. So far this year, he's not progressed offensively (at least not statistically) but he's exactly what the NYI need.

Maybe you expected more from a #4 overall. Even Rielly at #5 showed flashes of Brian Leetch and has made some spectacular rushes this season, looking healthy and promising but I don't project Rielly to be a sure-fire NHLer as much as Reinhart, albeit he's got a higher offensive upside.

I know many are in love with Trouba and he's looked great at times but I'm happy with Reinhart and his potential going forward. Looking at the Isles defense if the season were to start in January, I'd say Reinhart is probably a #5 dman based on ability to play in the NHL TODAY (Streit, Hamonic, Visnovsky and MacDonald ahead of him) - that's not necessarily a compliment on Reinhart as much as a glimpse into how much work $now has ahead of him if there's a season.

And on Strome. If anyone's not impressed with his WJC then they weren't watching. I thought he was excellent, only Nugent-Hopkins was the better forward (except today, he was terrible while Strome played very well). He sees the ice so well, uses the boards very well, makes the safe play when he's under pressure and I love the way he knows exactly what he's going to do once he gets the puck on his stick. He knows where all the players are and can make quick, smart passes, especially deadly on the PP (except coach Spott didn't play him enough on the PP for some odd reason, especially with Ritchie and Hamilton!!!)

I still maintain he needs more time in the CHL and possibly the AHL next season but he's improved drastically from last year. Still a bit small, not super quick with his feet, not aggressive and he'll need to learn to play in traffic but offensively, he's as good as anyone his age. And that's why he was drafted.

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