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01-04-2013, 01:18 AM
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If you think men's washrooms are bad, you haven't seen any women's.

At work, I've walked into a stall, only to see black poo fill the bowl, not grey, no, black like the color of black licorice. You have to ask yourself what do you eat to have that happen to yourself. That's not even the worst part, there was no toilet paper in the bowl. Think about it!

I've seen blood drippings all over the seat. I've seen hygenic pads just stuck on top of the box they are meant to be put inside of, with the bloody/dirty part facing upwards.

My coworkers have actually seen poo on ground next to the toilet. How does this happen where you miss the bowl completely and have it land on the ground? Then to just leave it there for the next person to walk into?

Needless to say, nothing surprises me about the people at work. And i haven't even gotten to the people who don't wash their hands or the awful smell that is suffocating in there. They are disgusting slobs.

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