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01-04-2013, 02:33 AM
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Originally Posted by Mess View Post
Draft picks are awarded to teams for free by the NHL each season for each draft.

Some GM would have to be clinically insane to pay $24 mil for something that was obtained for free.

NO organization would support their GM tossing away their money for a draft pick, and that doesn't even factor into the possibility that the pick made may bust. Then you just paid $24 mil in this Dipietro hypothetical trade idea and got NO return on investment and your paying $1.5 mil for the next 16 years to a player no longer on your team.

The CBA is created that doesn't allow the selling of draft picks for cash and this would be a end-around attempt to the most drastic extreme to get around that.
Not really sure where you're going with the CBA thing. The infamously CBA adherent Brian Burke essentially took on Kolzig's salary for a 4th rounder.

Also, did anyone say you have to take all 24 million? You can easily send them another lesser salary in return. Even still, you have no idea what the value of a lottery pick is and nor do I. A 24 million$ investment could most certainly pay off financially long term.

Plus, the 24 million is over 16 years and could essentially be saved by playing a ryan hamilton over a david steckle.

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