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01-04-2013, 03:10 AM
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And stop the presses, despite all the negative tone Thursday, lost was the fact that the past few days before had produced meaningful progress.

To wit:

• The NHLPA agreed to go to 10 years in CBA length, finally matching the NHL’s desire on term for the deal (although the NHLPA has an opt out after Year 7 while the NHL would prefer one after Year 8).

• The NHLPA asked the NHL to up its compliance buyout to two per team, up from one per team before the 2013-14 season. The league agreed.

• The NHL upped its salary variance rule to 30 percent, up from the 5 percent and then 10 percent demands it had had in previous offers.

Seven or eight unresolved issues remain, sources say, the three most meaningful ones being the second-year cap, the length of player contacts and the players’ pension.

Are we really going to see a season canceled over those remaining issues? Or if a season is canceled, is it more because of the dysfunctional dynamic that exists between both sides in negotiation?

Did I mention this was the most embarrassing and irrational sports labor negotiation in history?

Logic dictates a deal will get done, given what little separates both sides. But logic has been benched for long periods of this sordid game.

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