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Originally Posted by DoingItLeBlancWay View Post
The 2011 draft was close as well, RNH seemingly was obvious based on comments from the Oilers' staff. This year is pretty close as well, but I personally think MacKinnon and Jones will go 1 and 2 respectfully.
It was closer because of the media hype. On paper RNH was the best player in the draft. But given their needs, Larsson made sense. It was still RNH all along, but having a "debate" is fun. Huberdeau was never mentioned because Larsson was. They already had a "story". People try to discuss these things and basiacally find reasons to support a theory, but if you take a step back and actually look at the big picture.. it's usually very obvious what the outcome will be.

If you are political at all... the Obama vs McCain race is a good example. Obama was always winning by a landslide, but people like a "fight", so they make it seem like it's close, when it reality it never was.

Originally Posted by LatvianTwist View Post
Kane went 1st overall, Turris went 3rd... And IIRC it was Kane all the way.
Turris was ranked first by most (by most I mean maybe 60/40) but most thought Chicago would take Kane regardless. So basically most had Turris ranked #1, but 90% of mock drafts had Kane going 1st.

As for a prediction. It's likely MacKinnon 1st overall and Jones #2, but there are a few teams that would take Jones over MacKinnon, so Jones could go first in a few scenarios so I can;t say 100% without there being standings.

Either way.. just like Landeskog, Larsson, and Duchene... Drouin is NOT going #1 unless Makinnon drops off heavily, and/or Drouin becomes a man possessed.

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