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Originally Posted by QnebO View Post
Yea but ilves has been in huge problems in the company, team was without owner and without goverment, it has worser material than saipa. Now they have again been without goaltender, luckily some A-junior has played well. Its really hard for a new coach to succes in that situation, I think Raipe would've done just well coaching Jokerit for example, or any other team would've been better. I know he isn't ready as a coach, but you just cannot blaim only Raipe.
Ilves's material is worse than SaiPa's, but their material isn't the 3rd best in the league, not even close. Raipe isn't good enough to make the team more than a sum of its parts, like good coaches are. Even if Raipe was better, Ilves might still not be able to make the playoffs because of their material, but I don't think they'd be in last place. So it's not just Raipe's fault, but he's not a good coach yet.

Raipe decided not to continue with Ilves next season on his own, because even he knows he's not good enough of a coach yet. He made the right decision, but the problem is that he's not good enough for the Young Lions either.

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