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01-04-2013, 05:33 AM
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So, we're back in kindergarten again?

The PA starts another disclaimer vote. And the league answers with a "You know, we're really, really serious about that January 19th deadline. Like REALLY serious!"

Deal in days or it's over: source
A veteran member of the NHLís board of governors says commissioner Gary Bettman is prepared to cancel the season on Thursday if a deal has not been reached or appears to be imminent.

The chill that has settled on NHL labour negotiations is all part of a Don Fehr plan to push commissioner Bettman into a corner for one last squeeze and there could be unfortunate circumstances for hockey fans, said the governor who requested anonymity.

The league believes Fehr is unwilling to do a deal until after Bettman has cancelled the NHL season and the union leader is now slowing the process one last time to increase pressure on the commissioner, said the governor late Thursday night.
The league got put in an uncomfortable position once the news leaked, that a significant number of owners told Bettman, that cancelling the season is not an option. Of course Fehr will try to squeeze every little bit out of the owners till the last possible moment. That's what he's hired for. How the hell can the league be surprised, that he re-installs the one big threat the union has available?

Actually, this made me wonder how hard of a deadline January 19th really is. It has been stressed to a point where it starts to sound like a cry of desperation more than anything else. Everyone and their mother knows about this deadline. Why do they emphasise it at this point again?

Both parties are well aware of the damage they cause if this season gets cancelled. It's not going to happen. So this is either the last push of posturing from both sides before an agreement next Thursday, or we might see Bettman eventually push the potential start of the season beyond January 19th, if only to gain a little more time to finalise things.

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