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Originally Posted by 417 View Post
So you think going back to the OHL for 25 games will help him 'dominate games on his own' once he reaches the NHL?

Seems kind of an odd conclusion to reach...

the OHL is the OHL...the NHL is the NHL

Dominating in one league, doesn't guarantee domination in the other (see Corey Locke, or a million other players who've dominated the CHL).

Very few NHL players 'dominate a game on their own' on a consistent basis, so if this is the expectation for Galchenyuk, then I think we need a reality check. Again, i'd like someone to explain what the benefit is for Galchenyuk to dominate the OHL?

Once more, he's been dominating that league since he's been 16yrs old...what will 3 more months do?
I think the better question is. What will 3more months hurt? There is no potential downside imo of sending a Jr player back to junior after missing an entire season of potential development. He still has holes that are better suited to be worked on in jr than learning on the job in Montreal.

His knee still needs to be tested completely, before putting him in a schedule that will see him play four games a week against stronger men.

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