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01-04-2013, 06:16 AM
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Okay, so now ******* Höfner, right?

Originally Posted by Herman the German View Post
Tsn reporters, questioned the fact, the coaching staff against Canada, sent a negative signal by starting the back up goalie, the next day, the comment from the reporters from Tsn said the German team played to passive. Tactic? They haven't one,,everyone talked about it in the media. Coaches get fired for not reaching or achieving goals, time for a change,,,12 years of yoyo is enough. I am sure that someone is there who would be pleased to take that raw German work ethic and produce a winning way.
Starting Trautmann against Canada was perfectly reasonable, no reason to throw Cüpper in front of the bus all the time. The next day they played against team USA and they were tired from the day before. If you're tired against the Americans, it's going to be ugly.
What kind of game yould you have them play against those superior teams?
They played well overall, got the points when it counted and stayed in the top division. Goal achieved.

"Take that raw German work ethic and produce a winning way"? How long do you follow hockey? A year? The German team will not be a winner anytime soon. Maybe in the next century or the century after that one.

I'm not a fan of Höfner or anything but this discussion at this point of time is just

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