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Originally Posted by JeremyNYR View Post
2- You make the 7th and 8th place teams "earn it" a little more by requiring them to get through a 1 game play-in. This actually increases the "integrity" of playoff teams slightly even though more teams have a shot at getting in. And hey, they aren't facing the 1st place team, they're facing #9 or #10. If they can't get into the 6th or higher ceed or win the one-game play-in, I don't see them as being robbed of something they earned.
This wretched 1-game play-in idea is all MLB's fault. They had that one freak year where the two wildcard spots were decided on the last day of the season in admittedly amazingly dramatic games, then decided "Hey let's do that every year!" to cash in (they had been kicking around the idea for a while, but it took that crazy set of circumstances to make them believe in it & go for it).

If this moronic idea had been in place in 2007, the 81-point St. Louis Blues would have gotten a "play in" game against the 104-point Minnesota Wild. What the hell does the season matter if a 23-point gap doesn't ensure you your spot in the playoffs?! (And the Wild still got smoked by the 110-point Ducks who went on to win the Cup)

Admittedly that is the most extreme example of the past several years, but I want no part of that garbage in the NHL.

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