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Originally Posted by CrimsonSkorpion View Post
Don't be sorry, no offence was taken.

I was a bit skeptical at first when it came to writing down what happened during each shift. I wanted to start off by just posting the time of the shift and any stats involved (i.e. Galchenyuk shift: 1:12. 1 assist, 1 takeaway). Then I started to get DMs of people begging me to write a short analysis of each shift. I tried it out and people loved it.

I definitely hear you on drawing too many conclusions though. Sometimes he can turn the puck over 3-4 times a game in Sarnia, and I'll have to explain to those that ask that, for one he carries the puck more than almost anyone else on the team (Sarault is up there) and two, he passes the puck a lot more than anyone else on the team too. Bound to turn the puck over more when you're passing it 100 times, over someone passing it 10-15 times.
Well said.

There is another variable in play that may not be evident to some of our less experienced posters. Puck support from your linemates is a huge factor when looking at passing efficiency and puck possession skills. In junior, hockey players are generally weak in the area of understanding where to position themselves to receive passes and provide a viable and safe option for the puck carrier. The result is that the puck carrier is often forced to hold on to the puck longer than they would like due to the lack of puck support and defenders are able to take away space from the carrier. This results in the puck carrier either having to dump the puck, use high risk maneuvers to allude the defender or make a lower percentage pass to a teammate who is in a less than optimal position to receive it.

The good news is that players in the NHL have a vastly greater understanding of this aspect of the game and players like Galchenyuk are huge benefactors as their passing effeiciency often is greatly improved. Kuraly is an example of a player who doesn't have a clue about puck support and plays with a very low hockey IQ which has proven to be very detrimental to Galchenyuk's overall performance at the WJC's.

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