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01-04-2013, 07:12 AM
No more status quo?!
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Originally Posted by apice3 View Post
I don't understand why the owners would be so hard pressed and strict about a low cap. Aren't they the ones who dictate who gets paid what? Are they just trying to cover their immaturity when it comes to their wallet? If you want a 60 million dollar cap and the players refuse to budge, then give them their 65 mil cap and set a 60 mil internal cap.
Again, this is the only time owners can legally collude to keep costs down. Not every team is going to have an internal budget below the cap. And the PA will be so fast to file collusion charges if 'every' team was magically at 60 million or under when at least half are over that this year.

Besides, the cap is normally based on revenues...the $70 million cap was based on last year's revenues. They can't really base the cap next year on this year's revenues cause it would be about 2/3 at best with a 48-game season (which would result in a sub-$50 million cap number if it was linked). So the owners are already paying out a much higher percentage of HRR next year between a higher cap and Make Whole, that's why they don't want to move an inch higher than $60.

I do think $60 is a bit draconian though considering the # of teams over it, and the # of FA's this offseason. They need to inch a little higher, maybe not to $65 but there's gotta be a $62-63 number in the end imo.

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