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12-11-2003, 11:47 AM
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Originally Posted by Steve L
Hes totally bombed in Phoenix and has consistantly played terrible, in fact the last couple of games he played is the best hes played so far.

Id take Cecho back over Boucher!
Phoenix defense is suspect at best. Boucher helped the Flyers get to the ECF.He outplayed Hasek.He played a 5 overtime game and had some pretty saves against Jersey. The Flyers were up 3-1 on the Devil's. Do you remember what happened after that? How about Clark announcing Lindros would come back to "help the team". Game 5 was all about the Flyers will getting sucked out of them. They got where they were without Lindros. Nobody liked him before the stupid comments, and they really didn't like him after. Basically Clark said they weren't good enough and it was a huge blow to the team. Boucher was solid and at times spectacular. How far did Cecho take them?