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Originally Posted by Nuck This View Post
Ummm I really don't understand the doom and gloom. Isn't there a possibility of two buy outs?

My Custom Lineup
Daniel Sedin ($6.100m) / Henrik Sedin ($6.100m) / Nicklas Jensen ($0.894m)
Alexandre Burrows ($2.000m) / Ryan Kesler ($5.000m) / Zack Kassian ($0.870m)
Jordan Schroeder ($1.025m) / Jannik Hansen ($1.350m)
Maxim Lapierre ($1.000m) /
Kevin Bieksa ($4.600m) / Jason Garrison ($4.600m)
Dan Hamhuis ($4.500m) / Chris Tanev ($0.900m)
Cory Schneider ($4.000m)
CAPGEEK.COM TOTALS (follow @capgeek on Twitter)
(these totals are compiled with the bonus cushion)
SALARY CAP: $60,000,000; CAP PAYROLL: $42,939,167; BONUSES: $125,000
CAP SPACE (14-man roster): $17,185,833

There's still room to sign a high profile free agent and resign Edler and fill out 4th line and 6th defenseman. Luongo trade, Booth buy out and Ballard buy out.
Interesting take on this. Lets say though booth comes into his own, or we feel he deserves another season and jensen or kassian are not quite ready.

Thats 4.2 million if we keep booth.

Lets say we take 3 million back in the lou trade for some good prospects thats 7 million.

We resign edler for 5.5 million, now were at 12.5 million.

Add eddie lack I think he makes 1 million? Correct me if im wrong here.

13.5 million out of a possible 17 million you mentioned.

We still need bottom pairing defense and an extra, a 3rd line center, two gritty 4th line guys to play with max. We will also need to likely give max and higgins a small raise maybe equal to 1.5 million in total between the both of them.

It is doable, but then we also might have trouble and need to forget about signing a top free agent that could put us over the top this summer like cory perry. I am just saying another 3-5 million dollars added to the cap would be nice for a bit more breathing room to keep our options open. Plus we are also assuming cheap contracts like kassian and jensen can fill top spots, which is not a guarantee for next season either.

I did like the guys you removed though, probably exactly who I would dump to. Ballard, Manny, Raymond, then booth after he gets a bit more of a chance. A lower cap might have some positives to though, it will put more pressure on players to perform and open a path to give younger players more of a chance as well. Something I would like to see AV and gillis do a bit more of. I feel they can be to loyal to some players at times, simply because we can afford them. So lowering the cap a bit might help raise the bar of expectations.

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