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Originally Posted by Watsatheo View Post
What's 3 months in the NHL on a likely bad team going to do? Sending him to the OHL saves his entry level contract from being wasted on a write off 48 game season.
What's 3 months in the nhl going to do? Are you serious?

At this point in his development, Galchenyuk would benefit more, IMO, from being in the NHL, practicing, travelling, learning how to be a pro, etc (this is assuming that he shows he's ready at camp) as opposed to racking up points in the OHL...

Again, he's CLEARLY, one of the top 3 players in the OHL, if not THE best... IF he's ready, then it's not even a debate imo, he should be in the NHL, even if he's playing a minor role or even in the press box a few times...

He's too good for the OHL, the only reason he should be there, is if he comes to camp and looks over matched, which I think is highly unlikely

As for his entry level contract, it should be a consideration but it should never be he reason why he doesn't make the team

Again, if he comes to camp and can't hack it... Then send him back... But if he comes to camp and he an presence makes the team, a better team, then the habs would be foolish to send him back

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