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Originally Posted by optimus2861 View Post
This wretched 1-game play-in idea is all MLB's fault. They had that one freak year where the two wildcard spots were decided on the last day of the season in admittedly amazingly dramatic games, then decided "Hey let's do that every year!" to cash in (they had been kicking around the idea for a while, but it took that crazy set of circumstances to make them believe in it & go for it).

If this moronic idea had been in place in 2007, the 81-point St. Louis Blues would have gotten a "play in" game against the 104-point Minnesota Wild. What the hell does the season matter if a 23-point gap doesn't ensure you your spot in the playoffs?! (And the Wild still got smoked by the 110-point Ducks who went on to win the Cup)

Admittedly that is the most extreme example of the past several years, but I want no part of that garbage in the NHL.
As you admitted, you did pick a very extreme example. That same year, 7th through 10th in the Eastern Conference were separated by 3 points. Even as it was in the West that year, I bet the Wild would've had a more exciting end to the regular season trying to take the 6th spot from Dallas instead of knowing they were comfortably in the playoffs the last week or so of the season. And that's what matters to the league and I think to the fans, that the last couple weeks of the regular season are as exciting as possible for as many teams as possible.

I get that a lot of people don't like the idea. I think a good bit of it is due to just trying to find fault first in any new idea that's presented. I read the title to this thread and thought "hell no!", but after thinking it through, I can see how it would make for a more exciting end to the regular season.

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