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Originally Posted by Scheme View Post
PA have never fully agreed on 50-50 across the board. An eventual 50-50, or 50-50 with tricks to make it actually not 50. Even the make whole unbalances the whole thing.

Last negotiation there was more of a systemic change (the cap) so I understand them fighting. But this time? It defies logic when the issues are that small. Also, rollback was proposed by the PA.

Really? Then why do the PA insist they are not employees but are the product? And they sure don't want to be treated like employees but as partners.

Hmm, haven't heard the ATM analogy yet, but this is really just more hyperbole. You yourself said none of us are in the room but you assume the owners view the players as such? That's a pretty serious accusation and you should back that up.

Right, and let me borrow your crystal ball for next week's lottery numbers.

So 50/50 is somehow magically fair? I said half of revenues, not half of HRR ( I.e the owners don't get to take deductions out of the pot) I suspect the players sign this.

The pa proposed a one time 5% rollback, they took 24% and that's winning?

The players claim they are both employees and the product because they are. The NHL, which grew last year, would not do so well with ahl level players. Some of the weak sisters have a hard time now, getting rid of the primary appeal " worlds best hockey league" and the league takes a huge hit.

The ATM idea is based on the owners actions. The owners, whose gm's devised these cap-skirting contracts in order to gain selective advantage over other teams, scramble to sign players to these deals then decry that they can't live under these terms. Their answer, ask the players to agree to concessions as a hedge for their own irresponsibility. Because if it works out, they look great, if if doesn't they cry poor and ask the players to bail them out retrospectively. If the players balk, the cry poor owners lock the players out. The owners don't care about the health of the league, they will do anything they can to gain an advantage because it is clear that there are literally no consequences as they think they can always make it back up off the players backs.

I don't know what will happen if the pa decertified, I'm thinking that both sides think they know what will happen. I am sure that they both have tons of lawyers advising them. I would prefer that the sides came to some agreement because both sides will know the consequences. If it goes to decertification and, as some have suggested all players become Ufa's, who knows how that pans out?

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