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Originally Posted by Grant McCagg View Post
Get back to us after the playoffs. :-) Actually - get back to us after an NHL playoff, not a junior all-star tournament played on an Olympic ice surface where you get two minutes for being too strong.

He scored two goals thus far - not exactly earth shattering for a guy with his skill level. He's still not playing a physical game at all despite his size, he won't get his nose dirty very often. How many puck battles has he won? There is certainly skill there, always has been, but the issues he had last season are still issues now.

I want to see how he does this spring versus Rimouski and/or Halifax before I start making any definitive statements on Grigs and where he should or shouldn't have been drafted. Even then things will still be in one can predict his NHL career. History has taught us that it's far too early to be making such definitive statements about who should have been drafted where. six months after the draft.

At this point I'd still rather start a CHL playoff game with Laughton than I would Grigorenko...maybe he'll change my mind in a few months.
Just expressing an opinion on a player that I think was bashed heavily for no real reasons. If we had to wait for some NHL playoffs to make a comment about everybody, we wouldn't have a board. So I guess he will have to understand the physicality part of the game and I know it's not a small feature. To have seen him play so far, I think that will he's not your big time physical initiator, I don't see him shying away from it either. It takes everything in a team and he's one element you could more easily pinpoint in a top 6 while Laughton, who I also like very much, it might not be as clear. I would also go in a playoff with Laughton....centering my 3rd line la Kris Draper. But I hope I'd have my talent in the top 6 to put the puck in the net. And if he ends up more of playmaking centerman than a scorer, well there are players like that as well in the league.

I believe that 2012 isn't 2013. If it was, I would have less of a tougher time to have Grigorenko leave at 10. But Reinhart and Pouliot ahead of him makes no sense whatsoever. Koekkoek was a gamble, but I would have also gamble on Grigo instead. But that's just my take. I'm not a professionnal scout, so please bare with me. I know that with the question marks he had before, in no way was he still a #1 candidate. But if we base ourselves on your analysis of Grigs....what do we think of Yakupov? Is the one trick pony, wannabe Ovechkin deserved his #1 spot? I do love his speed, balance, offensive instincts but enough to be #1? Or actually was it enough, but in 2012. If Yakupov is in the 2013 draft...where does he go? But it's also understandable to know why he left #1.

I have to say that I usually don't change or have a new evaluation on a player after a tournament like that. I agree, you don't have a good evaluation of a player after such a short stint. If so Rielly and Hamilton would be future AHL'ers, Gaudreau, future NHL star that should have been picked #1, Jerry D'Amigo would already be a 40-goal scorer in the NHL and Justin Pogge would have already won 3 Vezina trophies etc. But I had a high opinion on Grigo all year long LAST YEAR saying that, in the debate of Grigo vs Gally, that Gally was CLEARLY the way to go for us....but Grigo wasn't the slouch that some thought he was. Again just my impression.

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