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01-04-2013, 08:06 AM
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Originally Posted by jgoud View Post
This quote has you treating him like a God. And if you look at those last 4 seasons without his breakout season he only averages 24 goals a season... scoring over 26 goals once of 6 full seasons does not equal a 30 goal scorer. And injury plagued season? He missed 5 games, please don't say that equals 8 goals
Okay let's break it down.

08/09 his 1st season as a top 6 forward he had 26 Goals and 59 Points, that's pretty good.

09/10 He had 25 Goals and 75 Points. So has you can see it wasn't just 1 good year.

Then in 10/11 of course he had his "Career year" Scoring 40, winning the Selke, but the funny thing is he got 73 Points, meaning his career high was 09/10.

People act like 10/11 was his only impressive year yet that wasn't even his best year in terms of Points, once this guy he healthy he will easily 60+ Points and 30+ Goals, I could even see him returning 70+ Points honestly.

Originally Posted by xX Hot Fuss View Post
No way man. I think..


is a lot scarier than...

I think your forgetting about Booth? I would go:

Daniel - Henrik - Burrows (Don't mess with a good thing when you don't need too)
Booth - Kesler - Sharp (A 2nd 1st line)

Basiclly our top 6 forward group would be like our goaltenders 1A and 1B.

It will never happen though.

Originally Posted by Bubba88 View Post
at the time of the deal, Bertuzzi wasn't as valuable as you VAN Fans seem to think he was. He was past his prime and had all these troubles surrounding him
Bertuzzi had put up 71 Points, and he was probably the best powerforward in the league at the time, he was trending downward you can see that but no one thought he would trend that far down that quickly.

Originally Posted by Bubba88 View Post
what has he done the years before? He was on the decline, the body wasn't the same and with all the troubles, it was understandable. He wasn't that great 90+ pts PWF that teams would have killed to get. He was on the decline and it was easy to see.

Do you even know what your talking about in respect to Bert.

Prior he was the best PWF in the league on the best line in Hockey.

In 03/04 (The year prior) He had 60 Points in 69 Games.
In 02/03 He had 46 Goals and 97 Points.
In 01/02 He had 36 Goals and 86 Points in 72 Games.

It was more of an instant drop rather than something you could see coming, there was nothing before the incident that could indicate falling, infact it looked like he was rizing/had hit his prime and was going to stay there, then the even after the incident it didn't look like he would go like that.

Oh and also, in his first year after being traded he had 11 Points in 15 Games For Florida and Detriot (7 Points in 7 Games for FLA and 4 Points in 8 Games for DET)

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