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01-04-2013, 08:07 AM
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Originally Posted by BLONG7 View Post
The PA would be insane to decertify...insane...Ted Lindsay would hunt down Fehr and shoot him...

Half a years wages lost, and he is ready to make it a full years wages lost...real bright...
They are adults, they get to make their own decisions. If they follow Fehr and get a great deal, the owners have to live with it. If they follow fear and it blows up in their faces, the players are going to eat it. That's not insane. The last doi vote says fear seems to have an overwhelming amount of support, that people he does not represent think he's screwing the players likely means very little to him.

And let's be frank, if these same debates were going on while the games were being played, no one gives a crap about how much players are losing or potentially losing. Fans don't care what the players make, they want the games back even if it means the players sign a poison deal.

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