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01-04-2013, 08:54 AM
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Originally Posted by McLlwain View Post
So, we're back in kindergarten again?

The PA starts another disclaimer vote. And the league answers with a "You know, we're really, really serious about that January 19th deadline. Like REALLY serious!"

Deal in days or it's over: source

This is an interesting article. It's well-sourced... a veteran member of the NHL Board of Governors. There's a hard news element to it... Bettman is allegedly moving up by one day the date where he would pull the plug on the season (from next Friday to Thursday).

Then there's some claims and threats...

1- On the date of possible cancellation next Thursday, Bettman "will then take off what is currently on the table", "a 50-50 share will no longer be offered", and there will be "a much revamped package".

2- Fehr would be "slowing the process one last time to increase pressure". Elsewhere it writes Fehr is "trying to blow up the process" and "is no longer interested in making a deal". And finally Fehr "will then let things sit for a day or two (after the cancellation date) before trying to leverage Bettman one more time into signing a deal viewed as better for the players".

3- After cancellation, there will be "lawsuits, a dissolved union" and talks between Fehr and Bettman "on the basis of doing a deal for the 2013-14 season".

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