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Originally Posted by JordanStaal#1Fan View Post
You see, THAT'S a rational reason right here my friend. That's not the stupid "they make millions of dollars anyway, they should up" ********. If you think they players are paid too much based on what they really generate, I think you have a good argument. Do I agree with it? I don't know, I don't have any numbers in front of me, but that makes sense.

I think the players are the product and I think that without the absolute most talented players in the World, people outside of a few select markets wouldn't watch hockey. I think the players deserve AT LEAST a 50/50 share of the revenues. If you have to go lower than that, it means that the league is sicker than I believed and that the owners have to come up with mesures such as a higher revenue sharing and cutting a few teams in order to make the overall league better.
Completely agreed: It's an entirely different argument to me and a much more valid one.

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