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Originally Posted by Shrimper View Post
Because they acted liked children.

I ask you this. Why, all of a sudden does it take only 48 hours to vote but last time it took a week? Fehr/PA were using as a stalling tactic and everything they do just makes things worse. That type of negotiating won't sit well in any court.

Do you seen any comments about the players from the owners about how they're treated? No. Because they sensible whilst the players whine on twitter about how they're "harshly treated" but would be glad to go back in an instant to play hockey once a deal is done.
Speaking of which, that should be a fun one to defend in court when the NHL brings up the fact that "All the players want to do is play," but they had to be haggled with to sign a 10 year CBA, and still want an opt-out clause a year earlier.

Originally Posted by pld459666 View Post
You don't see it becuase the owners have been silenced by Bettman to the tune of MASSIVE fines should they say anything.

Just ask the folks in Detroit.

I wonder what we would be hearing should Bettman lift the public speaking ban on the owners.

It would be interesting indeed.

So what you're saying is Bettman is considerably smarter than Fehr for doing so...

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