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01-04-2013, 09:16 AM
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Originally Posted by DesertDawg View Post
The Rangers are currently at ~ $59 mil, with Redden they will still be below $70 mil for this season. It may make them to rethink about playing him since he will be a cap hit anyways, but they do not have to address the issue of salary cap compliance. Next season they can buy out his last year. The cap will not go down this season and all the teams currently are below $70 mil. I don't see any problems for this season with any teams. I don't see any team buying out anyone if the season were to start, until the amnesty buy outs happen in June (?). The cap will not go down until next year and teams will have UFAs off the books, That's when the Coyotes will be able to do something. Of course some teams will try to do something about getting in a position to comply with next season's cap drop (if there is a season) beforehand (anticipate signing UFAs), so Maloney may be able to tweak the roster, but he won't take on a bad contract (except maybe a rental) and it wouldn't be wise to help teams this season to prepare for compliance by trading with them if they are anticipating pursuit of top free agents by competing with the teams they just traded with. In anotherwords, I think it would be smart if the Coyotes only pursue rentals (players with expiring contracts) for this season. Of course if a good deal comes along then they should jump at the chance. I just don't believe a good deal will come along during this season (maybe leading up/during the draft).
If the Cap stays at $70M for this season, is the Cap floor still $54M? If so, aren't we below it by 4 or 5 million with only one roster spot really open?

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