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01-04-2013, 09:16 AM
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Originally Posted by habsfanatics View Post
Three months of OHL is likely to lead to bad habits that haven't occurred in 3 years? I think you're grasping here to defend your position tbh.

The knee and the schedule go hand in hand.
That's not what I was implying...I don't think there's any risk of sending him back down to Sarnia, like WS said, I don't suspect he's the type of player who would let bad habits creep into his game, so that's not necessarily a concern for me

Again, this is all assuming that he comes to camp and shows that he's ready for spot...then I don't see how it would be MORE beneficial to him to return to Sarnia, as opposed to staying with the Habs, even if he's in a limited role.

This theory that he needs to 'dominate' the OHL is pretty silly if you ask me, he's been doing that from the moment he's stepped onto the ice.

I'm not grasping at any straws here and I certainly don't need to 'defend my position'...

My position is clear...if he comes to camp and shows that he can make the Habs a better team, then he should stay, if he comes to camp and doesn't show this...then he should return.

Whether or not Galchenyuk plays with the Habs this year will come down to him...not some perceived handicap with his knee, not some Habs fans insecurity in needing to see him finish atop the leading scorers of the OHL, or any other cliché reason to not have him in the NHL.

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